Touching Lives Program

The Touching Lives Program Has Been Discontinued

Below are some snippets of the lives touched and needs filled that was the crux of the Soroptimist Touching Lives Program. Unfortunately, SICC has had to discontinue this project due to lack of funds. For several years, SICC was the “go-to” group that could cut through the red tape and provide funds where other agencies could/would not.

Heidi Robertson, mother of two teenagers, gave an emotional testimony at the 2007 Festival of Trees fundraiser, thanking Soroptimists for the wheel chair ramp they donated through their Touching Lives Program that allows her mobility and a way to get out of the house as she struggles with Multiple Scoliosis.  Her testimony helped to raise hundreds of dollars in “Gift of Love” donations.

SICC Member Susan Benbrahim with Heidi Robertson and her mother in 2007

This is just one of the many projects of the Touching Lives Program.   Even though SICC still feels passionately about what the Touching Lives program accomplished in benefitting citizens within the Calaveras County community. The program assisted those who had qualified medically related needs, not covered by insurance or other means.  Dollars from past Festival of Trees fundraisers provided or helped  with nursing care, adapted homes for wheelchair use, covered costs for speech, hearing and vision therapy, adapted computer equipment for quadriplegic use, installed handrails, purchased a variety of wheelchairs, hearing aids, eyeglasses and much more.

The Touching Lives Program honored Evelyn Lamb at the 2004 Festival of Trees Gala, who gave her testimony about how the Touching Lives Program made a difference in her life.  Sadly, Evelyn passed away in 2005.  The Lamb family returned her eyeglasses and hearing aides that Soroptimist donated to her so that others might use them.

Evelyn Lamp Thanks Sorops at Festival of Trees Event

Other agencies in both Calaveras and Tuolumne and Amador counties do provide services and funds that duplicate, somewhat, what the the Touching Lives Program provided.  For those who might be reading this and still have needs to be filled, SICC suggests that those county agencies be contacted.

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