2021-2022 Board of Directors

President:  Sarah Oskey

Vice President:  Robin Galvan

Treasurer:  Stacy Joyner

Assistant Treasurer:  Sheila Krpan (absent)

Recording Secretary:  Marilyn Smith

Corresponding Secretary:  Carol Tyrrell

Service Director:  Kara Blevins

Technical Director:  Mary Trotter

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Marilyn Smith, Kara Blevins, Stacy Joyner, Carol Tyrrell, Mary Trotter,

President Sarah Oskey & Vice President, Robin Galvan

After being restricted from holding the 2020-21 Installation of Officers in 2020 (due to Covid 19), there was much joy (and hugging) demonstrated as the above officers were installed on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 at the Historic Murphys Hotel.  Paulette Stelte, the Installing Officer with assistance from Stacy Joyner, brought fun and laughter to the event. Flamingos were the theme of the evening & everywhere one looked there was flamingo memorabilia and decorations.  The theme of the evening was “Life is all about balance!”  (like the beautiful flamingo as they balance on one leg).

The elegant Mark Twain Ballroom, upstairs at the Hotel, was filled with many SICC members, husbands and guests.  Rave reviews from all were heard as we helped ourselves to the fabulous buffet. Wine & cocktails were served by smiling, hotel co-owner, Brian Goss. He kept our glasses filled with water & delivered our delicious cheesecake desserts.

Each new Board Member was called to the microphone where Paulette reminded them of their duties and responsibilities for this coming year. All were presented with various flamingo items like a water bottle, a water squirter and a flamingo stress squeezer. Stacy Joyner received a flamingo head bopper to recognize the important job that she has as our Treasurer. Paulette shared a few details about each BOD member as well as their motto for life.

Vice President, Robin Galvan and President, Sarah Oskey, both received flamingo boppers (to wear on their heads).  Designed for relaxing after upcoming Board and Member meetings, both were presented with flamingo floating rings (Maybe to use in Sarah’s pool?). Sarah was honored, as our 2021-22 President with a striking flamingo bag from Mingo’s on Main, a beautiful pink boa, a fancy drink shaker and a book, “A Special Place for Women” which she promises to route among the membership. Sarah then shared her goals and dreams for this upcoming year and encouraged all to join committees we are passionate about. She wants to find new, exciting ways for SICC to become more well-known in the county by helping more and more women and girls live their dreams! Sarah’s motto for the coming year is: “Making a Visible Impact!” Her passion is Dream-It, Be-It: Career Support for Girls.

Additional photos in the slideshow.


In spite of not being able to do a traditional installation ceremony, below is listed the Slate of Officers that were approved for 2020-2021 club year:

President: Karen Strand & Carol Jones Giannini (co-Presidents)

President Elect: Julie Eckardt-Cantrall

Treasurer: Stacy Joyner

Assistant Treasurer: Sheila Krpan

Recording Secretary: Barb Draper

Corresponding Secretary: Paulette Stelte

Service Director: Carol Tyrrell

Technical Director: Dree Hedrick

Installation of newly elected officers for Soroptimist International of Calaveras County for club year 2019/2020 was held on Friday, June 21, 2019, at Yummy Ha Ha Ice Cream Shop in historic downtown Angels Camp. Our own Paulette Stelte and Carol Jones Giannini did the honors of installing the officers for the coming year.

The ice cream shop’s back patio was decorated with colorful flowers, balloons and summer fun. Since June 21, is the Summer Solstice & the longest day of the year, our presenters chose SUMMER as our theme and the pineapple as the fruit of the summer. Officers and members were encouraged to stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside!

To recognize the jobs of each officer, unique gifts and summer items (contained in lovely, bright colored pineapple bags) included chill napkins, festive wine & drink glasses, note pads, wine, chocolates, hand wipes, wine, pineapple candles and much, much more. All were thrilled with their mementos and gifts.

Members and guests enjoyed scoops of ice cream and cookies. Guests included President Julie’s husband Mike and Ginger Takahashi. The group was invited to attend an informal gathering at Angels Mexican Kitchen following the installation.

President Julie shows off her pineapple bag full of Presidential goodies!

SICC Board of Directors 2019-2020

Installation of the 2018/19 Board of Directors

  was held on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at the clubhouse

Diggins Mobile Home Park in Murphys, CA

What an honor to have Sierra Pacific Regional Governor, Gail Dekreon as our Installing Officer. Additional Regional guests included: Current Sierra Pacific Region District II Director, Beth Stochl and Past Sierra Pacific Region District Director, Yolanda Rivera. Family and many dear friends surrounded SICC Incoming President, Patsy Gonzalez. There was a great crowd of well wishers who enjoyed a delicious taco salad bar with cake pops for dessert!

Patsy’s motto reads: Let’s be solid as a rock: Commitment and experience can lay a firm foundation. Governor Gail researched rocks forwards and backwards! She made jokes about rocks & presented each installed officer with a rock that depicted her challenges and capabilities for this coming club year.

Newly Installed SICC President, Patsy Gonzales, and Installing Officer,
Sierra Pacific Region Governor,
Gail Dekreon

       SICC Board of Directors 2018/19 

            President                  Patsy Gonzalez

      President- Elect                Vacant

                Recording Secretary          Karen Varni

                  Corresponding Secretary   Julia Tidball

                      Treasurer                          Billie Westernoff 

                  Assistant Treasurer         Dree Hedrick

               Service Director              Chyrl Hillis

                                Technical Director            Carol Jones-Giannini

Billie Westernoff, Dree Hedrick, President Patsy Gonzalez, Carol Jones-Giannini, Governor Gail Dekreon, Chyrl Hillis, Karen Varni & Carol Tyrrell standing in for Julia Tidball

Installation of the 2017/18 Board of Directors was held on

Saturday, June 17, 2017 at the clubhouse-Diggins Mobile Home Park in Murphys, CA.

Installing officer was Paulette Stelte, SICC Member.

In keeping with President Carol’s theme of the ocean, the room was beautifully decorated with an abundance of sea shells, fishing nets, ocean scenes and signs to the beach. Each of those installed received very clever props to carry out their new roles. President Carol’s theme is: “Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean.”

We were so fortunate to be joined for this Installation by Sierra Pacific Region Governor Tana Elizandro and Sierra Pacific Region District II Director, Yolanda Rivera.  Both brought their husbands.

Newly installed President, Carol Jones-Giannini, with frog prop

Board of Directors 2017/18

 President   —– Carol Jones-Giannini

President-Elect —–   Patsy Gonzalez

Recording Secretary   —-   Karen Varni

Treasurer     — Billie Westernoff

Assistant Treasurer —-   Roberta Bean

Technical Director — Donnasue Jacobi

Service Director — Chyrl Hillis

 Parliamentarian   — Karen Strand

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Installation of the 2016/17 Board of Directors took place in the Library at Camps Restaurant on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

Installing officer was Bonnie White-Silvera, Outgoing SPR District II Director.

President Karen Strand was installed at SICC's President for 2016/17

President Karen Strand was installed at SICC’s President for 2016/17

Board of Directors for 2016/17 

President . . . . Karen Strand

Treasurer . . . . .Billie Westernoff

Assistant Treasurer . . . . .Carol Jones-Giannini

Recording Secretary . . . . .Julia Tidball

Corresponding Secretary . . . . .Patsy Gonzalez

Service Director . . . . .Chyrl Hillis

Technical Director . . . . .Donnasue Jacobi

Parliamentarian . . . . .To be appointed




Installation of Officers for 2015/16 was held under the arbor at Camps Restaurant on Wednesday, June 3, 2015.

Karen Strand presents Billie Westernoff with her Past President's pin

Karen Strand presents Billie Westernoff with her Past President’s pin

Officers for Fiscal Year 2015/16

President . . . .  Karen Strand

Recording Secretary . . . Julia Tidball

Corresponding Secretary . . . Dree Hedrick

Treasurer . . .Billie Westernoff

Assistant Treasurer. . .Carol Jones-Giannini

Service Director . . .   Bev Stewart

Technical Director . . . Chyrl Hillis

Parliamentarian . . .Roberta Bean


Dividing Line


Soroptimist International of Calaveras County

Officers for Fiscal Year 2014/15

President – Billie Westernoff

Recording Secretary – Elena Lineham

Corresponding Secretary – Chyrl Hillis

Treasurer – Roberta Bean

Assistant Treasurer – Karen Strand

 Service Director – Beverly Stewart

Technical Director  – Carol Jones-Giannini

  Delegates – Debbie Peterson & Joanne Jeffords

 Alternate Delegate – Carol Tyrrell

Parliamentarian – Karen Strand

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